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Pilot for Export Ocean Manifest Submission via Email in the Document Image System (DIS)

03/22/2012 09:53 AM EDT


Ocean Manifest

Attn: Ocean Export Manifest Filers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will begin a pilot project to have export ocean manifests filed via email into the Document Image System (DIS) in place of the physical paper document being presented at the port. The paper manifest for those pilot participants would be submitted via a readable PDF attachment to an email. The initial phase of this pilot will be conducted at the following Atlanta Field Office ports:

o Port of Norfolk (1401);

o Port of Newport News (1402);

o Port of Wilmington (1501);

o Port of Beaufort-Morehead City (1511);

o Port of Charleston (1601);

o Port of Georgetown (1602);

o Port of Savannah (1703); and

o Port of Brunswick (1701).

Requirements for participation

- Pilot participants will submit a readable PDF copy of the paper export manifest via email to CBP;

- The email must contain key manifest data elements in the subject line and body of the email (the key data elements are needed for the system to save, search and process the document).

Pilot participants will NOT be required to present a paper copy of their CBP Form 1302A and/or their paper Bill of Ladings (BOLs) to the ports listed above during the pilot.

It is anticipated that the start date of the pilot in the Atlanta Field Office will be March 28, 2012 and will run for 30 to 90 days. At the end of the pilot period, CBP will determine whether to expand the pilot to the additional CBP Ocean Ports. CBP has updated the AES Trade Interface Requirements (see 19 C.F.R. 4.76(b)), to reflect the updated operational standards and procedures for the electronic submission of outbound vessel manifest information, accordingly.

This pilot is an interim step to the full development of an electronic export manifest that will replace the current paper process. This process should help to alleviate some of the cost (printing, mailing, couriering, etc) associated with the presentation of the paper export manifest to CBP for the trade.

If you are interested in participating in the pilot or would like additional details, please contact Mr. Robert Rawls, Outbound Branch Chief, Outbound Enforcement Division, at Robert.Rawls@cbp.dhs.gov or Mr. William Delansky, Branch Chief, Multi-Modal Manifest, Cargo Control and Release, at William.S.Delansky@cbp.dhs.gov.

For additional details please see the following link:



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